Today I accepted a dare from myself and now I want to extend it to you.

The Dare:

Write something, be it a scene, poem, short story, character/location description, or whatever, for every entry in my Webster’s Pocket Dictionary. I plan to post every day, Monday through Friday. Given that my dictionary claims it has more than 35,000 entries, by my calculations (which, granted, may or may not be accurate), we have enough material for 134 years. I think that’s enough for a start.

You, should you choose to join in, are free to employ any form of creative writing your heart desires, no matter what I wrote for any given post. Let’s just limit each entry to no more than a page or so- 300ish words- since I am committed to reading every entry. The only rule is you have to use the Dictionary word at least once. And the idea is not to labor over this or worry about perfection. I usually write mine in about half an hour, to give you an example. Fun, fast, creative outflow. That’s the goal. The idea is that doing a short creative exercise like this will make ‘real’ writing easier. I think of it like a piano player performing scales to warm up her fingers.

To get started, click over to the Blog tab. I look forward to reading your fabulous creations!